How Has The Tech World Aided Clinical Trials?-SDTM Automation

Sdtm automation

Sdtm automation is a process which is increasingly being used within the clinical trials sector in order to improve the overall process and allow for automation in order to ensure fast and accurate data tracking and logging. But just how much of an impact is technology having on clinical trials and what else can be improved within the sector?

Sdtm automation

A Brief Introduction To Clinical Trials

In order to understand what clinical trials are it is important to understand the industry as a whole and how they operate overall. Clinical Trials are medical trials that are typically undertaken in order to further research for a particular medicine or for treatment processes. Often large pharmaceutical companies will employ the help/assistance of clinical trial companies that can undertake these tests in a safe and controlled environment.

What Is Sdtm?

Sdtm means the study data tabulation model. This is a standard that is set by the clinical data interchange standards consortium (cdisc) standards. Sdtm is needed because all organisations that are conducting clinical trials in the US are required to comply with Sdtm and cdisc standard regulations. One of the drawbacks of this is that it can be a time-consuming process logging and filing data in order to comply with these standards. This is one of the reasons why sdtm automation has been such a significant gamechanger overall.

How Significant Has SDTM Automation Been Overall?

There are a number of ways in which SDTM automation has had a significant impact overall.  One of the key ways in which automation has proved to be significant overall is the overall speed and ease through which data can be compiled. One of the biggest issues that there is with SDTM overall is the time and labour required in order to comply with these standards. Using an automation tool can significantly speed up the overall process and help to produce accurate and concise data for the company using this tool/software.  

Typically, a tool such as Sdtm software can be sourced from a meta data management company specialising in clinical trials.  These organisations specialise in improving clinical trials and their overall processes and bring a wide variety of overall unique skills to the table.

Sdtm automation

How Else Have Clinical Trials Been Influenced By Technology Overall?

There are a range of ways in which clinical trials have been influence by technology overall. One of the most significant developments that has affected the clinical trials industry as a whole has been a study conducted in 2014. During this study a clinical trial as well as recruitment and management was all conducted primarily online. In addition to this, surveys were distributed via phone apps to those involved.  This proved to be a successful test overall as the majority of the participants found this process easy and simple to follow. Data was also produced more quickly and accurately overall.

This is another key reason why sdtm automation is becoming increasingly popular throughout the clinical trial industries coupled with the integration of other newer technologies to improve overall communication as well as performance overall.

Sdtm automation