The Best Engineering Apps For Students and Professionals

Most apps are meant for entertainment, but some can actually prove valuable for engineering students and professionals. This list presents the top engineering apps for graphing, unit conversions, mechanical engineering and more.

TSheets is a simple time tracking app designed for engineers that makes decision making more productive. Furthermore, this tool contains features to facilitate professional growth such as staying informed of industry news and networking with fellow colleagues.

best engineering apps

1. Graphing Calculator

A graphing calculator (also referred to as a scientific calculator) is an indispensable tool that enables students to visualize math concepts and solve equations quickly and effectively. Ideal for use in pre-algebra, algebra and calculus classes alike; its advanced features and user-friendly interface provide students with a powerful advantage in learning math concepts and equations.

Quality graphing calculators feature large displays with easy-to-read font, multiple functions for algebra and calculus, connectivity with computers or other calculators for data transfer (programs or equations), screen attachments that allow students to demonstrate their work to classmates, and are equipped with screen projection capabilities that let students use it like an overhead projector in class.

Today’s engineering professionals rely heavily on graphing calculators to perform their work and create solutions. There are various models available, with chemical and mechanical engineers often preferring Texas Instruments’s TI-Nspire CX II CAS as their go-to option.

2. Mechanical Engineering One

Engineers on the go will find this app extremely beneficial. With full range of scientific, fraction, algebra and matrix calculators as well as an expansive unit converter library. Furthermore, this tool also enables probability calculations.

Mech Ref is another useful engineering app for students. This reference point provides useful metrics you can use to help solve problems, with over four stars rating and functionality even offline.

This educational simulation game introduces children to the fundamental principles of structural design by having them plan, construct and test trusses under various dynamic conditions. The app has won Google Play Best Education App recognition, making it suitable for users of all ages.

FingerCAD, the new touch-based CAD app designed specifically for engineers on the go, allows engineers to make drawings with computer-aided fingers rather than autoCAD. It is more straightforward and user-friendly.

3. Engineering Unit Conversion

Have you ever needed to convert an engineering unit but were without your calculator nearby? That’s where this app comes in; it essentially turns your smartphone into a high-resolution scientific, graphing and function plotter capable of performing conversions among various engineering units.

It offers a comprehensive set of conversions and allows the addition of custom engineering unit categories. Once created, unit categories can be exported, merged or imported for standardization within organizations. Furthermore, this app comes complete with predefined engineering unit conversions covering SI, Metric Imperial British systems as well as US Customary units.

Easy and user-friendly, its simple interface makes accessing engineering functions fast and straightforward. Furthermore, it supports complex expressions using sums, products, quotients, powers and roots for dimension consistency to help ensure accuracy and dimensional consistency.

4. Electronic Engineering One

Texas Instruments’ NL5 Circuit Simulator is an electronic design tool used for simulation and circuit tracing. Engineers will appreciate its capability of simplifying power supply SMPS design with ideal components.

AmpCalc from Linear Technology allows users to size branch circuits based on the circuit load (amps or kiloWatts). Furthermore, this application estimates cable operating temperatures and ampacity ratings.

Circuit Number To Color was designed specifically for professional electricians and electrical engineers, offering quick delivery of standard color codes based on circuit number. This app can save them time by eliminating repulling of wires accidentally pulled. Note Taker HD by Dan Bricklin provides engineers with a productivity app for organizing handwritten notes, diagrams, files they keep with them on-the-job; its convenient layout enables easy file storing and sorting helps keep their workspaces more organized in the field.

5. Circuit Board Designer

PCB design software enables engineering teams to design printed circuit boards more quickly. Used across many different industries to enhance product quality for consumers, PCB design tools help engineering teams reduce design flaws while providing new insights to speed up resolution processes.

Work on PCB design can be very rewarding, much like playing with a giant puzzle. Components must be moved into their optimal locations with copper traces connecting each of them together as well as to their component pins – it’s an excellent opportunity for students to develop practical engineering skills before entering their respective field of study.

PCB design software enables engineers to work on their CAD designs from an intuitive environment, while being easily manageable for teams working together on projects. It features schematic capture, layout design, component library management, 3D visualization, routing capabilities and its streamlined design flow makes collaboration much simpler for all involved parties.

6. Electronics Components

This Android application makes designing analog and digital circuits from simple resistor levels up to transistor levels easier, providing a great tool for physics students, electrical and electronics engineering college students, breadboard makers and hobbyists. Furthermore, its library is constantly being updated so you’re always aware of new trends in electronic component and circuit design.

Electrical Tools, Calculators & Articles is an Android App with useful electrical engineering calculators such as LED series resistor calculator, voltage drop calculator, wire/cable size calculator in AWG sizes, battery life calculator, ohms law calculator conversion calculators etc. Additionally it also works offline saving data charges! Best yet it can even be used without an Internet connection saving money and saving data charges as a result!

Professionals in the industry highly recommend it as one of the premier apps available today, thanks to its user-friendly interface that enables easy PCB design with minimal effort and an unparalleled shape-based autorouter for faster, more accurate layouts.