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What Are Cyber Essentials: Do You Need a Certification? – a Short Guide

business person holding ISO 27001 standard digital logo

Is your companies tech safe? You may need to take a look at the cyber essentials scheme designed to assist organisations in demonstrating their defences against common cyber attacks. The self-assessment process can be completed entirely online, and an external Read more…

How to Shop More Responsibly

designer clothes shop

If you’re wondering how to shop more responsibly, the key is to pay attention to labels and check for ethically made or second-hand clothing. There are several ways to do this. For example, you can buy second-hand clothes or purchase Read more…

Electric Car Charger for Home Vs Public Car Chargers

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You might have a hybrid or electric vehicle, but your car is of little use unless you have a place to charge it at home. That’s why investing in an electric car charger for home is probably the best decision Read more…

Why Have Drug and Alcohol Tests at Work?

neon sign showing drugs and liquor

If you’re wondering why your employer administers a drug and alcohol test, you’re not alone. The issue is controversial and has ramifications, from reasonableness and legality to morale and safety concerns. This article hopes to provide some food for thought Read more…

Career Hacks – 10 Life Hacks For Your Career

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Career hacks are methods, shortcuts, or tips for doing or improving something. They can be used to get ahead on pathways you don’t want to take, or to speed up the process of doing something you already know you love. Read more…

How Has Technology Helped Improve Business Efficiency?

It’s a common question amongst business owners, whether or not the increase in technology has improved business efficiency. Some people think it’s a matter of opinion, others would say that the answer is yes. However, in this article I’m going Read more…

Letting Agents Glasgow Benefits To World Of Engineering

The world of engineering is constantly evolving at a rate which is incredibly useful for businesses in the long term. Companies who want to utilise the services of letting agents Glasgow can see remarkable improvements to the way that their Read more…

Figuring Out How the Industrial Hydraulic Platform Lift Works

This is an example of an environment where you may find a hydraulic platform lift.

With a keen interest in technology and engineering, the team at Unimatic wanted to look into a humble piece of equipment which is used widely around the world today. The hydraulic platform lift is both powerful and popular and is Read more…

iGaming Careers | Types of Jobs Involving Video Games

igaming careers

For some, incorporating video games into their career is a dream come true. Due to the rise in popularity in the iGaming community, this dream is now a reality for many as iGaming careers are also becoming more sought after.