Figuring Out How the Industrial Hydraulic Platform Lift Works

This is an example of an environment where you may find a hydraulic platform lift.

With a keen interest in technology and engineering, the team at Unimatic wanted to look into a humble piece of equipment which is used widely around the world today. The hydraulic platform lift is both powerful and popular and is used by many different industries and companies due to its incredible load weight and brilliant design.

Read on to find out more about what our researchers found out about the hydraulic platform lift upon further inspection.

What is a Hydraulic Platform Lift?

The common hydraulic platform lift is often called a scissor lift platform due to its structure and engineering, however, the mechanisms contained in the machine are powered via a hydraulic pump, therefore it is best to call this item a ‘hydraulic platform lift’.  It is basically a lifting table, with a balanced platform and powerful, scissor-life structure lifting and raising loads so it does not need to be done manually.

This is what a hydraulic platform lift looks like when fully extended.

How does it work?

The lifting movement which the hydraulic platform is used for is lifted via the strength of a hydraulic cylinder, which is included in the scissor-like structure. The cylinder is powered by a common hydraulic pump (often known as a gear pump), which is in turn powered by a small electric motor. The platform is raised by hydraulic fluid being pumped into or out of the cylinder mentioned. As the fluid is pushed into the hydraulic cylinder, the cylinder forces the scissor structure apart, therefore moving the table platform.

When does it get used?

This type of platform lift is extremely powerful and can be used to lift extraordinary amounts of load weight, and therefore are used in warehouses and storage facilities which need to move and store large amounts of goods and products at any one time. This lifting mechanism can of a huge benefit to many companies who want to avoid putting this physical strain on their staff and workmen.

This is an example of a small, blue hydraulic platform lift.

Which industries might use the hydraulic platform lift?

There are many industries which may opt to use a hydraulic platform lift in their workplace. Most are within the industrial sector. This can include:

  • Construction
  • Warehousing
  • Storage Facilities
  • Manufacturing
  • Transportation
  • Agricultural

Most of these industries will use the hydraulic platform lift to move and transport whatever they cannot do by hand. The hydraulic platform lifts make it easy to move the goods and raise them to where they need to be. The wheels and powerful structure make it simple to get any products from A to B within the workplace.