Unimatic is a team of multi-skilled engineers providing applications engineering to help customers solve problems, design machines and processes. With a business model that puts you, the customer, in the centre of the picture Unimatic finds the best answer to helping you achieve your corporate goals. We strongly believe in the benefits that flow from building links between education and industry.

As a major supplier to the education market, and as a major supplier of small CNC machines into industry, Unimatic enables schools and universities to use the industrial-standard machines, coupled with industrial software, which their pupils will find in industry on leaving school. Education is thus relevant to the real world, and industry benefits from quality knowledgeable recruits.
Unimatic also sells components and systems for automation engineering, focusing on electro-mechanical motion control and positioning applications, where it has over 40 years of experience. Furthermore, it has expertise in mini and micro motors and actuators.

Finally, Unimatic offers a range of IT equipment for schools and commerce, which focuses on state-of-the-art emerging technologies, with particular emphasis on remote computing, wireless technology and ruggedised PCs and PDAs.

Mission statement

Unimatic sees its mission as helping industry to:

  • increase productivity
  • reduce cost, time & complexity in its engineering processes
  • increase its competitiveness

Unimatic also has a mission in the education sector. It works with education to:

  • enable quality CAD/CAM teaching and learning
  • help develop future generations of engineers
  • provide industry with quality new recruits

Quality assurance

Having been certificated to the BS EN ISO 9000 standard since 1994, Unimatic is now certificated to the latest BS EN ISO 9001 : 2000 (copy of certificate available on request).

Quality of product, quality of customer service, quality of personnel and quality of management are all top of Unimatic priorities.

Exceeding customer expectation has become a cliché, but for Unimatic, it is the constant aim Рto maximise customer satisfaction.

Investors in people

A commitment to the quality of its staff means the Unimatic plans to be certificated for IiP. The quality of its service to its customers is of paramount importance.

Staff training and development are therefore given constant attention and activity at Unimatic.