What Is Hi8 To DVD?- Tech Check

Hi8 to DVD

Hi8 to DVD is the process of converting 8mm film to DVD format. This process has become increasingly popular in recent years as overall support for 8mm format has severely diminished. In this article we will look at the overall advantages of converting HI8 to DVD.

Hi8 to DVD

An Introduction To HI8

HI8 relates to a video cassette format which was originally used in camcorders. Small reels of film within a videotape cassette were used in the past by camcorders in order to record and store footage. This format came out in 1984.

At this particular time there was extremely high demand for this type of media format due to the number of cameras and camcorders being used. One of the main benefits to this particular type of media format was that it was small and compact. This meant that it was easier to store , transport and generally use.

At that particular time most media formats were significantly larger than the hi8 format. In The 21st Century HI8 to DVD conversion has become very popular as there is still some HI8 media in circulation that could be preserved or moved onto a more sustainable media platform.

stainable media platform.Later in this article we will look at why DVD is a much more sustainable platform than tape. It is important to note that HI8 cannot directly be used by VHS players and their media should be transferred onto a VHS tape if it is to be transferred to that format.

Why Consider Converting Hi8 To DVD?

There are a wide range of reasons as to why you may wish to convert HI8 to DVD. One of the main reasons why you may wish to consider the overall conversion process is convenience. Currently it is a lot more hard to come by camcorders that can play or record Hi8 format.

HI8 to DVD

Therefore it may be worth considering converting to DVD format. DVD format has a range of different benefits which can benefit you overall. Having your footage on DVD format means generally speaking it is considerably easier to access and play.

Furthermore you can play DVD’s on multiple different media platforms. This allows for excellent overall flexibility and considerably better video quality. Another key reason why you may wish to convert into DVD format is durability and longevity. DVD’s are renowned for being durable and lasting a long time.

It is an established fact that DVD’s can last for up to 100 years without the disc or content deteriorating providing that it is well preserved. Hi8 tapes can be easily damaged and are more difficult to repair due to the lack of equipment and expertise available to assist with this media format.


Overall to conclude it would appear that the process of converting Hi8 to DVD can be a hassle free and smooth experience. It is well worth giving this process a go as it can ensure that the footage stored on HI8 is preserved for many years to come and in addition original copies can be preserved.