The Use Of Technology In Schools


Using technology in schools helps students learn more and collaborate more effectively. It allows teachers to tailor their teaching to a greater range of intelligences and learning styles. It also gives students a voice they may not have otherwise had. It also gives them the chance to collaborate on projects, contribute to conversations and ask questions.


Using technology in the classroom has many benefits, including saving money for schools. It empowers students to use their own devices and invest in their education. It can also facilitate collaboration with peers. Many schools are now eliminating textbooks in favour of BYOD.

Importance For Students With Special Needs

There are many benefits to implementing technology in the classroom for students with special needs. For example, it can increase a student’s autonomy by allowing them to answer questions themselves and take part in class discussions. It also allows teachers to experiment with new ways to present information. For example, a student with visual impairments can use a screen reader to read text aloud or a specially designed Braille keyboard to type words.

Impact On Classroom Designs

One of the major factors affecting student performance in school is the design of the classroom. It can be improved by incorporating technology into the space. The layout and lighting of a classroom can influence the way students engage with electronic devices.