Solicitor Duties When Buying A Property

When you purchase a property, it is important to have the right solicitor. That way, you know you are getting the best service and that your solicitor will be aware of all the legal complexities associated with purchasing a home. Read on to find out the roles and responsibilities of property solicitors in Glasgow.

Lang Registry Searches

Conveyancing is the process of transferring the legal title of a property between two parties. It can be done by either a buyer or a seller. A conveyancer is a specialist in this area.

Property searches are important when buying a home. They can help you find out whether a property is safe to buy or has any hidden problems. There are a number of common searches to choose from, including the Land Registry search and the water authority search. These will reveal information about the building, such as the drainage and the water supply.

Building Control

When it comes to certifying your property, there are a number of options. One of these is the Competent Person Scheme. This scheme allows approved companies to self-certify that their work complies with building regulations. Obviously, a self-certification is no substitute for a qualified inspector, but it’s one way to get the job done.

It’s also worth noting that there are a number of other options, including signing off work deemed as being deficient in some way by the relevant authority. For example, you may be limited in height if the relevant authorities are concerned with fire safety. 

Property Deeds

It is important to understand what is meant by a right of way. Some of the most common types of right of way are public and private. Public rights of way are usually granted by the city or government. They are used for roadways, footpaths, and parking strips.

A public right of way can be ordered by the court when no other means of access is available. Sometimes, a property owner sells his or her land to the city for use as a public right of way.

Analysing Contracts

When you are buying a property, you will need to analyse the contract from the seller’s solicitor. This is important so that you can make an informed decision. You will need to know the terms and conditions of the contract, which will allow you to understand the risks and rewards of buying the property. Also, you will need to know how to avoid common mistakes. There are many ways you can do this.

The first step to analysing the contract from the seller’s solicitor is to review the contract pack. This is sent by the seller’s solicitor to the buyer’s solicitor. Normally, this will include forms, title deeds, and information on the property.