Some Hidden iPhone Tricks You Will Use

You or someone you know has an iPhone. Apple has become a major part of modern day life through their technology. Their iPhone Operating System is one of the reasons why people queue outside their stores in September of every year looking for the latest model. But did you know all that there is to know about your iPhone. These are some hidden tricks that you can use:

Redial the Last Phoned Number

Sure you can do this by going on your recent list and pressing them. But there is a much faster way that you can do this. By going on to the Phone App, going to keypad and simply pressing the green call button will call your last phoned number. This can come in handy in all walks of life and will save you a couple precious extra seconds.

The Hidden Track Pad

When your reading a long text or article and you want to copy a bit of the text then you can press down and it will do it. But there is an easier way to do this. By pressing down slightly harder on the keyboard on your device. This will take away the letters and it will become grey. Simply drag where you want to go.

Zoom on any Screen

Most the time when you want to zoom in on something you’ll have to take a screenshot and then zoom in on the photo and screenshot again. If you go to Settings, General, Accessibility and Zoom then you will find a Zoom and Show Controller, turn this on. You’ll then be able to zoom on any screen by pressing slightly harder on it.

Delete Single Numbers on Calculator

One of the most frustrating things is when you are typing a number on the calculator app and your finger slips. You then have to press the ‘C’ button and it deletes the whole number. By simply swiping left or right on the calculator display screen it will delete the last single digit that you pressed. Saving you the time of typing the sum all out again.

Turn It into a Spirit Level

If you ever need a spirit level but don’t have one handy then all you need to do is grab your iPhone. If you go on to the compass application and swipe left it will turn it into the spirit level function. This can save you from ever having to buy one as it’s simply at the tip of your fingers.

iPhone Tricks: Fall Asleep to Music

If your neighbours are being noisy or you can’t fall asleep in pure silence then this is the trick for you. Go on to the clock application and to the Timer function. There should be something that says “when timer ends”, press this and set the timer to your desired countdown. Once the timer hits zero then the music that is playing on your iPhone will stop.