Where You Should Be Focusing Your Social Media Advertising

Social Media Advertising. It’s impossible to escape. Social Media has become such a major part of our lives over the past decade or so that even the most technophobic people have a Facebook account. While it’s a great tool for letting the world know how “cool” you are or catching up with friends we all use the platforms in different ways. Advertising has had to adapt to social media – there are so many different apps and websites that it can be hard knowing where to focus. Here is where you should be focusing on.


Ah, yes. It’s the king of social media with around 2 billion monthly users and with a quarter of the world’s population owning an account. Mark Zuckerberg has ended up creating one of the most useful advertising tools to date. Facebook ads are popping up more and more when we browse our news feeds. On average it costs a company only $.28 per click to run an advert on the popular platform. The demographic of Facebook is very varied but not so much when it comes to who clicks on ads. 65+-year-olds clicked more than any other age group while females tend to click more than their male counterparts.


Instagram is huge. They have over 500 million users visiting every month with many of them checking their feeds multiple times a day. One advantage it has over its owner – Facebook – is that it boasts a higher engagement rate, 58% to be exact. It also has a 2000% higher engagement rate than Twitter. Instagram costs around the same to advertise on as Facebook at $5 per thousand clicks. Instagram’s demographics skew younger than Facebook’s however. The platform is female heavy and is most popular amongst 18-29-year-olds.



Twitter is the home to memes, Kanye’s rants and instant news. With a news feed that is constantly updating it attracts 328 million users every month. Twitter is the best social media platform for organic engagement with the consumer and with an account free to set up you are able to advertise and attract customers for free. Paid ads are slightly more expensive than Instagram at $9-11 per thousand clicks. You will, however, be appealing to many more demographics.


Pinterest has the smallest user base on this list at 175 million monthly users. It is also almost exclusively a female used platform as they make up 81% of the users. Similar to Instagram as in its picture orientated it can be a useful tool for more niche businesses. The cost of an advert on the platform is around $5-6 per thousand clicks.


LinkedIn is a strictly business platform. However, it does 227 million users every month. The user base is slightly older with 61% of users 30-40 years old. One positive is that users are almost 50-50 male/female. An Advert on the site will cost slightly more at $2-7 per click but will allow you to target more focused demographics.


With the youngest demographic on the list as 41% of all 18-34-year-olds in the US use the platform Snapchat can be a useful tool if this is your demographic. It is, however, an expensive form of advertising. The cheapest form of ads on the app will cost your business $1000-3000 a month to use.