Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow | How Technology Has Changed Plastic Surgery

There has been a significant improvement in the work that can be done with cosmetic surgery procedures these days. Cosmetic procedures can be so well done that people may not even be able to notice. Here are just some of the many cosmetic procedures that have been improved thanks to technology, and what to do if you are interested in cosmetic surgery Glasgow.

Procedures That Have Developed Thanks to Technology

Endoscopic Facelift

One of the elements that put a lot of people off having a traditional facelift is the risk of noticeable scarring after the procedure. Some people who would like to get a facelift may be swayed against it for this exact reason.

An endoscopic facelift, on the other hand, does not involve the surgeon creating an incision from your temples to round behind your ears. Instead, small incisions (4mm-5mm) are made at the temples and scalp. An endoscope is then used to perform the necessary elements of the surgery. This reduces scarring significantly, in some cases leaving no scarring at all.

The downside of this procedure is that it can only be performed on the top two-thirds of the face.

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Fat Transfer – Breast Augmentation

Breast augmentation is not a new procedure, but a new pioneering technique of breast augmentation uses fat transfer rather than an implant to get the desired results. This new procedure is already popular among doctors and patients alike – this is due to the simplicity and non-invasive nature of the treatment.

Fat is taken from another area in the patient’s body and injected back into the breasts – the patient can usually choose where the fat is going to come from during the consultation.

The benefits of this is that there are no large incisions, meaning there is minimal to no scarring involved afterwards, this is due to only a small needle being used to inject fat back into the body. The recovery time for this procedure is also much quicker and less extensive.

This procedure is ideal for people who are not looking for a drastic increase in the size of their breasts, or if they are wanting to improve the form and appearance of them.

This method of breast augmentation leads to some of the most natural looking outcomes that are available on the market today.

Where to Go If You Are Interested in Cosmetic Surgery Glasgow

If you are interested in cosmetic surgery Glasgow, then you’re in luck! There are plenty of reputable clinics in Glasgow that can help you with all of your plastic surgery needs. Just ensure that they are an above board company with the required experience and training. It’s not worth the risk.