Pros and Cons of Antibody test

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Covid 19 is a viral disease that is still very contagious and doesn’t show any signs and symptoms. Most people don’t even know that they are carrying and shedding the virus as they don’t face any indication. An asymptomatic covid 19 patient is a live bomb that can infect others.

You are lucky enough that your body has generated a protective immune response in no time to neutralize the virus. But you don’t know if someone catches the infection from you will show the same resistance to it or not.

Hence, you need to test yourself immediately, not only for your safety but also for your near and dear ones! Covid 19 antibody test is the best way to rapid screening. Moreover, it is globally used for the diagnosis of viral infection!

But there are some advantages and drawbacks of this test as well! This post will bring the pros and cons of the covid 19 antibody test under the spotlight. So, hang on tight!

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What are the advantages of the covid 19 antibody test?

Following are the plus points that support why you should consider the covid 19 antibody test for rapid screening?

Asymptomatic Cases:

The worst part of getting covid positive is that sometimes a patient won’t suffer from signs and symptoms. Hence, he feels that there is no need for screening. But unfortunately, he is spreading the virus and infecting people.

Covid 19 antibody test detects the presence of covid 19 immunoglobulins, which neutralizes the virus.

Vaccine Efficacy:

If you have recently vaccinated yourself against the virus, then the Covid 19 antibody test helps check the antibody titer in the body. The presence of antibodies indicates that the immune system is working perfectly.

Gives Idea of Present Cases to Health Officials:

Asymptomatic patients remain hidden from the eyes of health officials. Hence, they cannot take the necessary steps to tackle the situation.

The antibody test enables them to estimate the ground realities and trends of covid 19 in society.

Passive Immunization:

The antibody test for Covid 19 helps save the lives of patients battling against the deadly virus. The plasma of the covid recovered patient is administered to the infected patient so that the antibodies can neutralize the virus.

Cons of Covid 19 antibody test:

There is an old saying all that glitters is not gold. Unfortunately, there are some drawbacks to the covid 19 antibody test.

The cons are as follows:

Current Health Status:

The antibodies are produced somewhere between 7 to 14 days of infection. Therefore, if a person provides a sample for this test, there are chances of false-negative results.

Furthermore, if antibodies are detected, it won’t indicate that the body has overcome the infection or that the virus is still replicating.

 Right Sample:

Unlike other covid 19 diagnostic tests, the covid 19 antibody test needs a blood sample to check the presence of IgM in the body. So, those have needle phobia don’t prefer to go for this test.

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Before going to the lab for the test, consult your doctor. Let the doctor decide it for you after examining your health status and noticing any sign of the disease.