7 Computer Tricks That Will Come In Handy

We are in the day and age where most our lives are spent on computers. Whether it be at work, school or home – the likelihood is that you won’t go a day without looking at a computer screen. However, most people tend to only know the basic functions of their beloved devices. There are many hidden computer tricks that can improve your experience by making life easier or getting things done quicker. These tricks will come in handy at your work or school and even at home.

1.      Bring Back a Closed Tab

Nothing is more infuriating than when you accidentally close a tab while browsing the internet. It may have been that you were watching Netflix or researching something important. But not many people know that there is a quick and easy way to bring back the tab that you have just waved goodbye to. Simply press CTRL + Shift + T (or CMD + Shift +T for Mac) will bring back the tab that you closed last. Simple.

2.      Password Protect Files

In a world where most our lives are lived online, it can be hard to get some privacy. Sometimes sensitive information needs to be saved on to our laptops or desktops but can often feel like it’s not protected enough. There is, however, a way to add a password protect on to individual files. This encrypts them to ensure that the only people that can view the information inside are you.

3.      Undo Everything

Most people know undo from when they are typing on Word or doing a document on Excel and they make a mistake. Simply pressing CTRL + Z will undo the previous action and you can continue with your work. This doesn’t just apply to Word and Excel though. If you accidentally delete a file or move something into the wrong folder you can hit CTRL + Z and it will go back to where it was beforehand.

4.      YouTube Keyboard Shortcuts

Everyone uses YouTube for something – to watching makeup tutorials to music videos. Spacebar to pause isn’t the shortcut that videos on the site use. Pressing K will also pause the video. J will rewind a video ten seconds while L will fast forward ten seconds. M will also mute the video.

5.      Extracting Files from Word

Sometimes when you download a word file from the internet it has a picture or video that you want to use but it won’t let you take just that. If you simply change the file save from .docx to .zip then it will extract the image and place it in a folder. You can then move the image wherever you want.